Place Posts into your Pages in Blogger

This article shows the way to create your journal, mistreatment Blogger, so it's like your posts are on separate web-pages.

Can you place Posts onto Pages in Blogger?

Ever since Google introduced "pages" into Blogger, individuals have complained that their posts all go onto the "home page”, and asked the way to place posts onto completely different pages in their journal.
The commonplace, however unsatisfactory answer is
"Sorry, that is not however Blogger works. therefore referred to as "static" pages in Blogger ar meant to be used for reference info that does not amendment typically, that you do not wish to be a part of your regular post-feed, however that you are doing wish users to possess quick access to."
Blogger labels as pages

Basically, this can be a part of the distinction between post and pages.
Luckily it is easy to line up your journal so it's like your posts are on completely different pages by following 3 simple steps.

Follow these steps:

1.   Add classes

Categorize your posts by adding Labels to them.

2. create a "pages look alike" menu bar:

There are 3 ways of doing this - select that ever one suits your journal best:

a)   With a Labels Gadget:    
Use the same old add-a-gadget approach a Labels convenience into the spot wherever you'd put the Pages convenience if you wished to create a horizontal menu bar with it.
If your journal has some Labels that you simply don't need to possess "pages" for, then set it to indicate just some of your Labels:

b)   With a Linked-list gadget:   
Use the same old add-a-gadget approach a Link-list convenience wherever you'd put the Pages convenience if you wished to create a horizontal menu bar with it.
Add a link to the list for every Label that you simply need a "page" for.   The hypertext mark-up language to use for every Label worth is
You can additionally add different things (eg individual Posts, or maybe Bllogger's static "pages" if you actually should have them - see why i do not like them!) - see the menu bar at the highest of this website for associate degree example of this.

c)   With a Pages gadget:   
Use the same old add-a-gadget approach to place a Pages convenience into the menu bar space.
Use Label-links represented higher than the Linked-list convenience possibility, as web site links to feature to your Pages convenience.
Due to the increasing importance of mobile templates, this can be currently the choice that i like to recommend, as a result of the pages-gadget will mechanically seem on mobile-templates.

3 agitate the home-page

If you do not wish your posts to seem on the "home page" was well because the topic pages, then there are 2 options:

Use a way kind of like showing a convenience solely on the house Page to not show the journal Posts convenience on the house page. If you are doing do this, then I powerfully suggest that you simply take into account the assorted choices for giving your journal a home page, and check that you settle for the disadvantages of written material your model.

You have completed

It very is that easy.  Your readers will currently click on the "pages" in your journal from a "menu" at the highest, and see an inventory of posts for the Page that they selected.

Even higher, if some posts relate to quite one topic, they show au fait each of the relevant pages.    And if you've got used the Pages convenience, your journal is well set-up to figure with a mobile-template - that are some things that's obtaining additional vital monthly.

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