Some Ways People Use to Cheat The Google Adsense Program: After Sometimes They Are Penalized By Adsense Program.

Indeed there is no such way of lying and cheating the GOOGLE. To say, Google is the most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the world. Google adsense is one of the best product of it. If you are thinking of cheating the Google Adsense and earning money by cheating it, then you are going to lose your Adsense Account and your earning of the adsense.

Here I am not suggesting attempting you to cheat the Google but there are some of the people who uses some the following tricks or cheating techniques to fraud with Google Adsense and after sometimes they are also penalized.

Different Ways to People Use to Cheat the Google AdSense Program

Don't think of cheating adsense
I don't advise attempting any of those AdSense click fraud techniques, i might expect your AdSense account to be illegal eventually.

Click Your Own AdSense Ads

Well, if you’ve clicked your own AdSense ads you're associate degree moron, quit any hope of ever creating cash on-line, you're too stupid and shouldn’t even be allowed web access!

When you login to your AdSense publisher account Google AdSense can understand your science address and can understand you're clicking your own AdSense ads, additionally they'll take into account the impressions and clicks as invalid and you won’t get paid anyway.

Click Your Own AdSense Ads via Proxy Servers

You’ve done some analysis that you simply will hide your science address etc… by employing a proxy server. Technically speaking this might work, but I’m not a software engineer, however even i do know it’s not attending to be rocket science to the Google AdSense engineers (those geeky pc programmers United Nations agency live programming code) to compile proxy server lists and check for AdSense clicks from them and checkout AdSense publishers who’s ads get a good range of AdSense clicks from proxy servers.
Lets imagine you've got a website} with AdSense and each day you login to your site through ten random proxy servers, browse a dozen pages and click on one AdSense ad. during a year you’ll generate three,650 dishonorable clicks associated with concerning forty,000 impressions and your clicks from proxy servers won’t generate one sale for the AdWords advertisers.
This isn’t even giant scale AdSense click fraud, at a comparatively high $0.25 associate degree AdSense click it’s solely $900 a year, however you'll see among a year you’ve left a heavy footprint of your dishonorable AdSense click activity!

Ask Friends and Family to Click Your AdSense Ads

This is undemanding, you've got plenty of friends/family and you persuade them to click your ads on a daily basis (though not members of the family victimization a similar web association you use!).
If done showing intelligence I may see this operating, image a family living in five properties, you persuade one member of every family to click one ad each day, you get around 1800 dishonorable AdSense clicks from real folks in numerous locations (different IPs: would work higher if all five ar on ISPs that use dynamic IPs and none of them have their own AdSense accounts: see later below “AdSense Click Exchange Networks”.).
The problem with this (any AdSense click fraud) is scale, if I popped right down to my native library once each day and clicked one ad, this might lead to 365 AdSense clicks a year, would this present a red flag? in all probability not, however 365 clicks a year isn’t specifically attending to be definitely worth the effort of visiting the library each day (at $0.25 a click it’s below $100 a year). primarily if it’s financially worthy putt the time into AdSense click fraud {you ar|you're} inevitably attending to leave a footprint the terribly good Google AdSense engineers are attending to be ready to spot so ban you for.

AdSense Clickbot

Software that clicks AdSense ads and generates impressions thus it's such as you have plenty of holiday makers and a few click ads. does one trust a software engineer to not leave a footprint from associate degree AdSense clickbot program that fraudulently clicks ads that Google AdSense can’t find?
I wouldn’t, there might be many different AdSense publishers victimization a similar clickbot and one tiny mistake by the pc software engineer United Nations agency wrote the AdSense clickbot and you're all caught and banned!

Paid AdSense Click Cheats

Pay a bunch of individuals to go to your web site and fraudulently click your AdSense ads. this is often hiring folks from economies wherever folks can work for a dollar each day (India, Africa, Asian nation etc…) and have them generate X range of impressions and Y range of dishonorable clicks per month.
The problem with {this is|this is often|this will be} you're trusting fraudsters to get impressions and clicks while not going a footprint the Google AdSense engineers can spot. As has been mentioned higher than this isn’t that straightforward and running AdSense fraud as a business suggests that giant scale that inevitably leaves an excellent larger footprint that makes it even easier for Google AdSense to identify.

AdSense Click Exchange Networks

You find others trying to scam the Google AdSense program and you click their AdSense ads and that they click yours.
Do you trust total strangers to be intelligent once they click your ads?
Think about it, if they're fraudulently clicking your ads they're in all probability fraudulently clicking others AdSense ads still, it’s not attending to be troublesome for Google AdSense to trace AdSense publishers (like you) on-line AdSense click activity.
An AdSense publisher is on a static science address or have a dynamic science however frequently log in to their AdSense account. they need logged into their AdSense account thereupon science that links any AdSense click activity thereto person. They visit your web site and click on a couple of ads, visit another AdSense publishers web site and click on a couple of ads…

You ar additionally on a static science address or are on a dynamic science, however frequently log into your AdSense account that links you to your AdSense account. You click the AdSense ads of associate degree AdSense publisher that’s clicked your ads, then visit another AdSense publishers web site and click on their AdSense ads.
Hmm, back at AdSense military installation a pattern has emerged, we've 3 or a lot of AdSense publishers clicking every others AdSense ads, however ne'er purchase a product or service. are you able to see simply however straightforward it's to be caught clicking others AdSense ads?

How to build cash with AdSense Ads

I’m afraid there’s no get made fast schemes with the AdSense program. You build a web site with content that generates traffic and a few of that traffic clicks your AdSense ads, that’s it.

At last I advise you not to attempt this kind of techniques if you want to become a part of Google Adsense for long time.

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