How to Stop the Visitor's Flow in Another Sites

Now internet has been a part of our life. So as blogging has been a best way of sharing the knowledge to each other. When you start blogging you seems very interested in blogging but after sometimes when you don't see the viewers on your blogs then you get to be disappointing and you completely stop blogging. This is all happens because often, seo specialist or consultants think that lots of content, keywords, description and title bring lots of visitors on their blogs and websites. But I say this kind of thinking is completely harmful for their sites.

keep visitors

Nowadays there are lots of search engines but more than 70% internet users use the google search engine. Google is most famous and reliable search engine among the internet users. It has been constantly changing its algorithms of searching optimization techniques. So if you think lots of content, keywords, descriptions and title is best way of optimization, it has been totally wrong.

You can see in the given quick and valuable points for the better of the flow of visitors on your sites and blogs. This points is only for getting more visitors on your sites and blogs.

  • First of all you should avoid all the distracting features like complex and more animated sliders and scrolling side bars and sliders. All this can irritate yor viewers.
  • Use short and sweet content and make all the content in paragraphwise. Just use bullets and numbers for the better understanding of your visitors.
  • Make anchor text to the valuable sites which can give more information.
  • You should get to the point quickly and manage your content.
  • Video embedding can be better because video reveals everything in a few times. It can shorten your complex information of the text information. 

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