What is Google Adwords

One of our visitor friend has asked us about the google adwords by commenting in our new page ask any questions page. So I am going to briefly tell about the adwords as much as I know.

Google Adwords

We know that google is one of the most popular company of the world. In the starting phase of the company, it is only search engine but now it has its products more than 40. Likewise, google adwords is one of the most famous product of google. Google Adwords is only for the online advertising channel of the products and places. Adwords program is the main source of income of google. Google offers the PPC program. In 2012 google's total advertising income were fourty two billion dollors. Google's PPC and CPC program offers many people to earn money too. Google distributes its PPC ad program all over the world.
Adwords offers every ads in related places and position or ads can be targetted into special places and position. Ads are only shown in related fields.
Google brought its site targeted advertising in 2003. Advertisers can place domain names, keywords, topic and google places the ads on where the advertisers want to place the ads by using adwords control panel.

So in general, you should know that adwords is one of the product of google which is used for online advertisement.

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