How to choose the best hosting plan for website ?

Beginner developers and bloggers always get into dilemmas while choosing the hosting plan. But it is essential part for website developers and bloggers to find a suitable hosting plan. Before choosing a hosting plan, you have to know some important facts about the hosting and the website.

Type of website

It is important to know about the category of your website. However, websites can be categorized on the basis of various things, such as design, content, etc. And here we are talking about the content type of website. You should be sure whether you are creating blogs, news portals, portfolio sites, or any normal website. Because all these websites may require different sorts of hosting plans according to the sizes and visitors. As if you are building a news portal, then it may require that kind of plan which can afford large content and a huge number of visitors per day. Instead, portfolios and normal websites can have normal hosting plans.
different types of web hosting plans

Types of Hosting Plans

Web hosting plan is a broad thing as it is not only space. Different hosting companies may offer a different plans in terms of price, size, and many other facilities.

But how hosting plan is categorized! Like the type of website, it has some significant terms to distinguish its types. Features, level of management, etc can be assumed to find the type of hosting plan. But the most basic assumption is to look at the technology used for the server.

Looking at the technology of the server will also distinguish the capacity, security, management, scalability, etc of the hosting. 

Below, we briefly examine the 4 different hosting plans: 
  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Cloud hosting

Shared hosting: 

Its name defines its characteristics. It means shared hosting is shared with multiple users. It does not own by a particular user. In this hosting plan, multiple websites contain multiple shared user accounts. There may be hundreds and thousands of websites in shared hosting. However, it depends upon the setup and management of the server.

Merits: The most common merit of having shared hosting is that it is cheaper than any other hosting plan because you share the cost with multiple users. So, hosting providers offer it at lower prices. It is also a great option for those who are on a tight budget. 

Demerits: Since multiple websites run on shared hosting require server resources at the same time, it slows down the server. It may cause downtime on your website. It also has a risk of security as multiple sites contained in the same space may lead corrupt of multiple files if any of a file or sites is hacked by the hackers. 

For which website a shared hosting is suitable?
Shared hosting is suitable for a small business website that does not get high traffic. So you may love to go with Bluehost  or FastComet for shared hosting.

VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is called the next level of shared hosting as it is still shared although it is a well-balanced hosting plan. VPS stands for virtual private server in which a virtual private server is a virtual machine. However, all the websites are hosted on a shared physical server.

Merits: It is more powerful and reliable than shared hosting. It can afford 15-20 websites on a server. In VPS plan, separate slots are created within a server. It helps to avoid corruption or downtime of other websites although a website is corrupted or downed due to fault codes or any other problems.

Demerits: VPS plan has less number of demerits as compared with shared hosting. The common demerit is that it is more expensive. If you have a tight budget, then you may not afford it.

Dedicated hosting:

In dedicated hosting, a separate server is provided to you. It is all for you only. 

Merits: It does not face any neighbor issues. The probability of loss of data is decreased. It poses high security as well.

Demerits: It costs even higher than VPS hosting. Price ranges from 70 USD to 350 USD per month. You will get unmanaged service where you need to do quite a lot of work. Like, you should install OS yourself.

Nowadays, the use of dedicated hosting is being decreased as VPS and cloud hosting have come up with various facilities and pre-installed services.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting provides almost the same services. Instead of having one physical server, it resembles multiple servers or network computers to keep and pull out a website.

Merits: It combines several computers to form a powerful virtual machine that can provide its resources on a need. Consequently, you are billed for the number of resources that you are using. Hence it's been a better option rather using fixed price dedicated hosting plan.

Last word:-

If you are still confused about choosing a suitable hosting plan, then just try to understand the different types of hosting and determine what you are going to build.

If you are making a small business website or beginning a blog, it is OK to go with shared hosting. You will have a chance to upgrade it to a better plan later. But news portals or large business websites which bring large visitors should not be hosted in the shared plan.

After taking a decision about buying the hosting plan, then you would like to go with people's top-rated hosting companies.

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