How to Add Google Translate Gadget in Blogger

In the beginning, google started as a search engine but now it is getting popular by its various products. Not only it is in web world but also in technical world. But today I am not going to tell you about its biography. I am just trying to tell you one of its products: Google Translator which provides more than 70 languages sevice. I mean it can translate your content written in English into more than 70 language. Such as French, Russian, Hindi, Nepali etc.
Adding this widget/gadget helps your visitors about your blog or blog posts easily. Every people want to know what is written in this site and that site but it is not possible to write the same content in all the languages of the world. S this can be best widget for the all users or visitors.
The google translator plugin is provided by Google only. It can be add into any websites but when you want to put into your blogger blog, it is also more simple. You should just add the gadget that provides on add gadget section. Just follow these instruction for detail.

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard
    blogger dashboard
  2. Then click on Layout>>Add Gadget
    google gadget
  3. Choose Google Translate
  4. Now Save it.
Congratulation, you have done. 

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