How to Display Your Posts in Different Menus

Blogger has provided to display your post in different labels or categories but not provided directly to display posts in pages. Now we are going to learn the displaying posts in different menus techniques. It is too easy to do this. If you display your posts in different menus then it seems quite good because, visitors want to find easily what he want to find, so that when you make showing of posts in menu that can be awesome for the visitors. In blogger menus can be put horizontally and vertically too. When you put the page gadget just after the header gadget and blog posts gadget, then it is shown as horizontal and if you put the gadgets except just before and after the header gadget and blog posts gadget, then you can find it is shown as vertical.

Now just follow this tutorial step by step to display posts in different menus:
  • In the starting, go to your dashboard of blogger and then make a new post and give it a label name
    new post
    otherwise,if you have already many posts and also label, then just follow the below points.
  • Then copy the link of the labels as given picture because it is needed.
    copy link
  • Now just go to the layout and then click on add gadget and choose HTML/JAVASCRIPT.
    add gadget
  • After that find page gadet and click it. Now click on link page to add the name of menu.
    blogger gadgets
  • Now give the page title and paste the URL of label that we already created.
    label page
  • Then click on save link button.
You just added the one page in menu. To add more pages, just follow the above points again and again. It depends how many of pages you need. 

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