Brasil Beats Chile on Penalties in World Cup 2014

Brasil through penalties
Brazil on 2014 World Cup
Finally Brasil has been the first team of 2014 World Cup who gets into the quarter final. Brasil defeats to Chile in tiebreaker by 3-2. They play equal 1 and 1 goal during 90 minutes. The first goal was scored by David Luiz from Brasil and Sanchez scores a goal from Chile. And then after the added 30 minute's both can not score any goal. After all the game goes into the tiebreaker. And in this time Brasil becomes very lucky and they get into the quarter final. Brazil should face either Colombia or Uruguay in quarters.

Gonzalo Jara big mistake
Gonzalo Jara Missed Crucial Penalty

The match had been really very interesting. It was like final match of this tournament. Brasil had many chances to score but they could not. Indeed Chile had played really very good. They also have got many chances but they could not utilize that opportunities.

Thousands of supporters of host teams were available at the stadium. They were little nervous until the match ends. Because the match had not seen in the favor of one team. Both the teams had got equal chances but both could not get succeed to score higher 1 goal. So the match reached into the penalties. And this time the Brazilian goal keeper showed unbelievable performance. He succeed to prevent the two strike of the Chilean players.
Lucky Brasil
Lucky Brasil

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