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How Argentina and Germany Entered into World Cup 2014 Final ?

Argentina Vs Germany in World Cup 2014
After long time, almost 24 years, there will be two renown rivals of the world of football Argentina and Germany in the final of 2014 World Cup.  The finale of World Cup 2014 is going to be held on 13 July in the Reo The Jenerio of Brasil. Germany and Argentina had met in final two times. In that time, Argentina had won once and Germany once. Indeed Argentina won the world cup trophy two time before but Germany had won 3 times. So in this time, Argentina want to lift this trophy and attach 3 stars in their jersey and Germany want to be 2nd most World Cup trophy Winner.

Argentinian Football Team of 2014
Argentina was in group F of the world cup 2014. Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran was also in that group. Argentina had defeated all of them and become the winner of group stage. In pre-quarterfinal, Argentina defeats Switzerland then Argentina played with Belgium in quarterfinal and they also won that match. It was just amazing, most of the people had not thought that the result of semifinal between Argentina and Netherlands will go towards Argentina but it happens. Both the teams could not scores till 90 minutes and also in extra time. Then in tiebreaker, Argentina beats Netherlands by 4-2. Hence, the Argentinian team has reached in the final of World Cup 2014. 

German Football Team of 2014
German team is one of the most energetic team, there you can see more star players like Muller, klose, Ozil, Kroose etc. This is the first time of Germany in semifinal after 2002. In 2002, they had to had defeated with Brasil in Finale. In German's group, there were also USA, Portugal and Ghana. German defeats all of them except Ghana. They drew the match with Ghana.  In pre-quarterfinal, Germany faced with Algeria. This was the real challenge of Algeria to Germany. Till 90 minutes, Germany and Algeria could not strike any goal and then extra time is added. In extra time Germany scores one goal in 20 minutes but Algeria also returns. At last Germany scores again and then they defines their win. In quarterfinal, Germany had to had faced with the another known rival France. That match was really amazing. During the match both the teams played well but the 7th minute's goal of Germany became enough to win that match for Germany. At last Germany met with Brasil that is the team which defeat them in the final of 2002 world cup. This time Germany had the great time for their revenge. As the thought of their fans Germany played most amazing match and made the history in the world cup. They not only defeats the Brasil but also humiliates them by scoring 7 goals which was really unconditional and unbelievable scores for both the teams and also for their fans. Klose became the most scorer in the world cup all the time. He breaks the record of Ronaldo of Brasil. This match is one of the amazing match of the world cup history. 

Now this is the time for choosing the World Cup Trophy Winner of the World Cup 2014. Indeed, Argentina is thought lucky team of this world  by more people because they do not have to have faced with more strong teams. But Germany has already faced with France which is more strong team. Lets see who will win this world cup. The match is going to start in 13th July 2014 on 1:45 PM Nepali Time.

Argentina Beats Netherlands on Penalties by 4-2 to Set up Final

Argentine Goal keeper is hero of the semifinal
Argentine Goal Keeper
On 7 july, in 2nd semifinal match between Argentina and Netherlands, there could not have been one goal by both teams till 90 minutes. Then the extra time was added. Even they both could not score till last of extra time also. And then the match goes to the penalty shoot out. The game was being really interesting. Indeed we can say Argentina was not playing the world class performance but this time in the semifinal match Argentina succeed to win the match in penalty shoot out by 4-2.

Ron Vlar of Netherlands could not score in penalty shoot in starting. But the Lionel Messi scores and Argentina leads by 1-0. Then Arjen Robben Comes to strike and he succeed to score till now Netherlands 1 goals by 2 strike and Argentina 1 goal by 1 strike. Then Argentine player Garay scores. After that Argentina leads by 2-1. Then Sneijder of Netherlands can not score but Sergio Aguero scores. Hence the Argentina won before one strike.

Actually Dutch always has been unlucky team of World Cup. And this time also they are playing very well and they all are give high class performance but they are defeated by Argentina in penalties.

Argentina goals on world cup

In this match the goal keeper of Argentina has been the hero. He saves 2 strike out of 3 and defines their win in semifinal of world cup 2014.

Finally Argentina reaches in world cup final after 28 years. This is the time for Messi, this is not i am saying. This is the saying of huge fans of Messi and Argentina. Even though he could not score a goal before but in all the previous matches, his role was key for their team.

On Sunday 13 july, there will have been great match between Germany and Argentina to lift the World Cup 2014. And that time, World will find the best country of the football of current time.

Here is the facts of the 2nd semifinal match of Argentina and Netherlands:- 

Netherlands                                                                         Argentina

                                                      Team Stats

7                                                    Total shots                       8

3                                                    Shots on Target               5
13                                                     Fouls                            10
55%                                               Possession                     45%
4                                                     Corners                          4
2                                                       Saves                            2
3                                                     Offsides                          4
0                                                    Red Cards                       0
2                                                  Yellow Cards                    1

Crazy Nepali Fans of Argentinian Football

Nepali Fans of Argentinian Football
Nepali Actress in Argentinian Jersey
Over 30 years ago, there had been war between Argentina and United Kingdom which is called Falklands War also known as Falkland Conflict. In that time, there were a complete brave group force of Gurkha's leading United Kingdom force. By the way, there were no reason of Nepali or Gurkha's soldier to be a part of that war. But they were in that war being soldiers of UK. At last British force captured the Island. Indeed Nepalese had not any reason to take part of that war. Argentinians still think that Gurkhas solider are the reason of their defeat. So some of the people can still hate the Nepalese but time goes on and time can erase happening of undesirable events.
Little Boy in Argentinian Jersey
Little Nepali Boy in Argentinian Jersey

Now after 30 years, there is no Animosity between Nepal and Argentina, By the way now you can see thousands of Nepalese fans of Argentinian Footballer. In this world cup season, thousands of jersey of different countries were sold/bought in the market of Nepal. In addition, the most sold jersey were Argentinian Jersey. Thousands of Argentinian Jersey were sold in the market and in the all cities and all villages all people are putting on the jersey of Argentinian. There are thousands of Nepalese fans are talking about the Argentina and its winning before the match.

Today, Argentina going to play their first Semifinal after 24 years. And the Argentinian Supporters are praying for the win of Argentina and the Nepalese Argentinian Supporters are arguing with their friends that Argentina is the definitely the winner of this match. 

German's Humiliating Win Over Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2014

Thomas Muller scores in semifinal
Muller in Semifinal
This is not just a win over Brasil in semifinal only but this is the historical winning of Germany in the history of World Cup. No one can believe who is the supporter of Brasil and Germany too. Germany take this game as the opportunity of revenge time. Indeed Germany had to defeat with Brasil in 2002 world cup final. Now Germany has proved that they are the extra team which can do anything in any time if needed and they will. In first half, Germany succeed to score 5 goals. This is the unbelievable scores for the supporters of both the Germany and Brasil team. May be Brasil and Germany even don't think this kind of result. In the 11th minutes, by the goal of Thomas Muller, Germany started their rain of goal. Then after the 12 minutes, Miroslav Klose made their score of goal doubled. Amazing! just after a minute, Tony Kroos scores his personal one goal and makes third of their company. But still Brasil can not do anything. In the 26th minutes, Toni Kroos makes his personal 2 goals and makes 4 of his country.Just after 3 minutes Sami Khedira becomes succees to make 5th goals of this country scoring his personal one goal. These are only in the first half. But Germany did not want to stop here, because they might have seen only the revenge of 2002.

Klose World Cup History Maker
Klose World Cup History Maker

In the second half's 23rd minutes, Andre Schurrle scores a goal and makes the score 6-0. At last he scores his personal 2 goals and made the goal difference 7-0. The only console goal of Brasil is scored by Oscar in 90th minutes.

This was really an unbelievable moments for Germany and this is the moment that Brasil never want to remember again in the future. All the supporters of football has thought that this is like a final match of world cup 2014. Indeed this is one of the most amazing and unbelievable World Cup games. After this match Klose has recorded that he is the most scorer of the world cup all the time. He has been a history maker of world cup.
Disappointing Supporters of Brasil
Actually host brasil never before had suffered with this kind of humiliating defeats in World cup history. This is a horror moment that Brasil will want to forget.

This time Germany has destroyed the dreams of Brasil by humiliating win. Germany has reached in final first time after 2002 World Cup.
In the final Germany will play either Argentina or Netherlands.

Here is the the match facts of Match between Brasil and Germany in semifinal of world cup 2014

Brazil                                                                         Germany  

17                        Total Shots                                     14            
12                        Shots on goal                                  12            
1                          Goals                                               7           
47%                     Possession                                      53%        
7                          Corners                                           5             
10                        Fouls                                              13            
3                          Offsides                                           0             
5                          Saves                                              11          
0                          Red Cards                                       0              
1                          Yellow Cards                                  0              

Source: BBC Sport

Brazil Vs Germany Semifinal in World Cup 2014 Brasil

Brasil Vs Germany Semifinal in World cup 2014
Brasil Vs Germany Semifinal in World cup 2014
On Tuesday 7th June 2014, Germany and Brazil are going to play their great match. Both teams had been the winner of group stage and Germany had defeated Algeria with 2-1. That was the very tough win of Germany and they beat France on semifinal by 1-0. Actually Germany had to had slipped most big match in last few times ago but in this time they had forgot all that pain by winning this world cup. By the way this can be the great opportunity to take revenge of all that teams which defeated them before. This world cup has been being held in Brasil and the home team Brasil has reached in semifinal, they have got supports by their home ground and home people with all the fans of the Brasil who like crazily the Brazilian's football skills. There will be huge crowd's of Brazil supporter who will undoubtedly want to see the winning moment of Brasil. In such a situation what skills will take the German players. Actually, Brasil's one of the best young and energetic player, Neymar has lost this semifinal because he was injured in previous game with france.

After 2002 world cup, this is the first semifinal match of Brasil. Indeed, 2002 Brazil had defeated Germany by 2-0 in final and finally they had won the cup. So this can be the revenge time for Germany.  Germany had won over France by 1-0. Actually, France was not easy team to win over it. So by defeating France, Germany has shown their strength.

Information of Match:

Match: Brazil Vs Germany
Competition: FIFA World Cup 2014
Stage: First Semifinal
Date and time: On tuesday 8th July 2014 | 4 PM Eastern Time | 1 PM Pacific Time | 1:45 AM Nepali Time
Stadium: Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte
Live streaming channels:
BBC One, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Ten Sports, Sony Six, Kantipur TV

In the germany lines, perhaps we will see Hummels, Lahm, Neuer, Khedira, Boateng, Howedes, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Klose, Ozil and Muller. And in brasil's line: Alves, Cesar, Marcelo, Dante, Gustavo, Luiz, Fernandinho, Fred, Willian, Hulk, and Oscar can be seen.

Argentina beats Belgium to set up Semifinal

Messi and Maradona, stars of Argentina
Finally the third semifinalist of FIFA World Cup 2014 is selected. Beating Belgium by 1-0, finally Argentina reaches into the semifinal after 19 years in world cup. Argentina will face to either Netherlands or Costa Rica in semifinal. It can be bitter but actually Argentina's previous matches was not enough good and they are not in form however they reaches into semifinal. In quarterfinal Argentina beats Belgium and set up their semifinal. The 7th minute's goal from Gonzalo Higuain became enough for them to defeat Belgium in Brasilia, Brazil.
Supporters of argentina
Supporters of Argentina and Belgium

Here is the match statistics of the match between Argentina and Belgium
Shots on target
Shots off target
Blocked Shots
Possession %

Germany and Brazil Set up Semifinal of FIFA Word Cup 2014

Germany Vs France in brasil world cup
German Team sets up their semifinal defeating France by 1-0. As the first match of Quarterfinal, there had been match between France and Germany in 5 july 2014. After the 12 minutes away of the match Mats Hummels of Germany scores a goal and that goal becomes the result of that match. France had won all the previous matches but this time they had to be disappointed with unnatural goal of Germany.

Brasil Vs Colombia in Brasil World Cup
In the second match of this tournament, Brasil defeated Colombia by 2-1. Indeed Brasil had led by 2-0 till 80 minutes. The fault from the captain Thiago Silva, Colombia got penalty kick and they scores one. The first goal was Silva, he opened scoring in 8 minutes. The score was 1-0 until the first half but in second half David Luiz scores a goal for Brasil and then they won the match by 2-1.

In coming Sunday, we will see the match between Germany and Brasil in Semifinal. Lets see who will win that match. The both teams seems perfect to win the world cup. 

Quarter-finalists Of Brazil World Cup

Finally 2014 World Cup has got its top 8 finalists. Playing better than their competitors, they reach in quarterfinal. The top 8 teams that has become qualified for quarterfinals:

  •      France      
  •    Germany    
  •     Brazil         
  •    Colombia    
  •    Argentina   
  •     Belgium     
  •  Netherlands 
  •    Costa Rica  

World Cup Quarter Finalists
Top 8 Country of Brazil World Cup

Actually France was in group E. In group E, There were also Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras too. France had won 2 matches and shared 1 point in one match in group stage matches. In the first match France had defeated to Honduras by 3-0. Then in second match they also beat switzerland by 5-2 but in in third third match they had played draw with Ecuador.

Germany is the winner of the group G. Germany had also won 2 matches and drew 1 match. It beat both Portugal and USA and played draw with Ghana. In its team Germany and USA had been qualified for top 16.

Brasil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon were in group a. And Brazil and Mexico had been qualified for top 16. Brazil had won both Croatia and Cameroon but share point with mexico.

Colombia, Greece ivory coast and japan were in group c. Colombia and Greece had been qualified from this group for top 16. Colombia had won all matches and it had been winner of the group c.

In group f team, there were Argentina, Nigeria Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran. Argentina was the winner of this group and Nigeria was second winner. Argentina won all 3 matches and it had got 9 points.

Belgium was in group h. Belgium has been playing nicely in this world cup. Belgium won all 3 matches and became group winner. And the first runner up of this group is Algeria.

And in this world cup Costa Rica has been most favorite team because it had beaten the winners of world cup. It has been showing outstanding performance.

Indeed Netherlands is thought as unlucky team of the world cup. Because they had been defeated 2 times reaching in finals. They are the first runner up of previous world cup 2010.

France and Germany Set Up Quarterfinal

France VS Nigeria
In 30th June World Cup match, the first match was held between France and Nigeria. Both team could not score till 79 minutes. In 79 minutes Paul Pogba scores one and make France led with 1-0. And then after 9 minutes, France succeed to make double their scores by OG goal of Joseph Yobo. Then they lead Nigeria by 2-0. In 90 minutes Joseph Yobo's OG goal gives one goal to the France and this match ends with difference of 2-0. Indeed both the team had played well but France becomes extra in last 15 minutes and they made this match in their fair. During this match their was only one yellow card given to the player of France named Blaise Matuidi. The final 11 minutes better performance taken to the France in quarterfinal. Actually France was the first runner up of 2006 world cup, they had to defeat with Italy in final in 2006. But in this match the Frances team has been more united till now. By the way we should salute the Nigerian Goal Keeper Enyeama. He saved outstanding strikes and made all those strikes unsuccessful till 80 minutes. Nigeria was not easy team to France because it is the African Champion. So this was tough game to France. During the match Benzema had had 13 shots on target but any one could not be a goal. 

In the second match, Germany beats Algeria by 2-1. The match had gone into extra 30 minutes. Because both the teams could not score till 90 minutes but in 92 minutes the Germany Striker Andre Schuerrle leads Germany by 1 goal and Oezil makes double to their score in 119. This time Germany leads by 2-0 but after 2 minutes Algerian players Djabou scores one goal and the match ends by 2-1. This match had been very interesting. During the match one yellow is given to Germany player Philipp Lahm and Algerian player Rafik Halliche. By the way this match was really a fright moment for Germany's players and supporter because they have thought that Germany easily defeats the Algeria but this is the game and in game any conditions can be change in a second. After all, Germany edge Algeria to set up quarterfinal.

Brasil Beats Chile on Penalties in World Cup 2014

Brasil through penalties
Brazil on 2014 World Cup
Finally Brasil has been the first team of 2014 World Cup who gets into the quarter final. Brasil defeats to Chile in tiebreaker by 3-2. They play equal 1 and 1 goal during 90 minutes. The first goal was scored by David Luiz from Brasil and Sanchez scores a goal from Chile. And then after the added 30 minute's both can not score any goal. After all the game goes into the tiebreaker. And in this time Brasil becomes very lucky and they get into the quarter final. Brazil should face either Colombia or Uruguay in quarters.

Gonzalo Jara big mistake
Gonzalo Jara Missed Crucial Penalty

The match had been really very interesting. It was like final match of this tournament. Brasil had many chances to score but they could not. Indeed Chile had played really very good. They also have got many chances but they could not utilize that opportunities.

Thousands of supporters of host teams were available at the stadium. They were little nervous until the match ends. Because the match had not seen in the favor of one team. Both the teams had got equal chances but both could not get succeed to score higher 1 goal. So the match reached into the penalties. And this time the Brazilian goal keeper showed unbelievable performance. He succeed to prevent the two strike of the Chilean players.
Lucky Brasil
Lucky Brasil

Whole World Searching About The World Cup 2014 in Brasil

As we hear the word world cup, the whole world thinks this is FIFA World Cup. Yeah this is exactly there are most popular tournament is only FIFA World Cup. The world has launched for 13 june 2014. When the world cup started with the opening match of Brasil and Croatia, the world started search about world cup every where in the internet world. Many websites and blogs has been increasing their content specially focused with the news and updates of World Cup.

FIFA World Cup in Brasil

Now in Google, the most searched word has been the world cup in Brasil. As we know the world cup is most globally connected sport ceremony of the world. So it has been most searched things in the Google search engine. We already know that the world cup will be held till 30 days, so in these 30 days of this year most of the time people are going to watch and read only about soccer or world cup football.  Many bloggers are now trying to connect with their users and they are getting more traffic into their blogs and sites.

Google Search World Cup 2014

In these 30 day period, probably people are going to focus their time to find out their most favorite players, country, and also coach too. You can get the most recent information what is happening in the search engine, just go to and find out key things that you should include while writing about the world cup into your blog. And get more visitors in your blog and make more money in Adsense.

Have a great time and don't forget to support your favorite team during the world Cup tournament.
What do you think which country will win the FIFA World Cup 2014?