Crazy Nepali Fans of Argentinian Football

Nepali Fans of Argentinian Football
Nepali Actress in Argentinian Jersey
Over 30 years ago, there had been war between Argentina and United Kingdom which is called Falklands War also known as Falkland Conflict. In that time, there were a complete brave group force of Gurkha's leading United Kingdom force. By the way, there were no reason of Nepali or Gurkha's soldier to be a part of that war. But they were in that war being soldiers of UK. At last British force captured the Island. Indeed Nepalese had not any reason to take part of that war. Argentinians still think that Gurkhas solider are the reason of their defeat. So some of the people can still hate the Nepalese but time goes on and time can erase happening of undesirable events.
Little Boy in Argentinian Jersey
Little Nepali Boy in Argentinian Jersey

Now after 30 years, there is no Animosity between Nepal and Argentina, By the way now you can see thousands of Nepalese fans of Argentinian Footballer. In this world cup season, thousands of jersey of different countries were sold/bought in the market of Nepal. In addition, the most sold jersey were Argentinian Jersey. Thousands of Argentinian Jersey were sold in the market and in the all cities and all villages all people are putting on the jersey of Argentinian. There are thousands of Nepalese fans are talking about the Argentina and its winning before the match.

Today, Argentina going to play their first Semifinal after 24 years. And the Argentinian Supporters are praying for the win of Argentina and the Nepalese Argentinian Supporters are arguing with their friends that Argentina is the definitely the winner of this match. 

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