France and Germany Set Up Quarterfinal

France VS Nigeria
In 30th June World Cup match, the first match was held between France and Nigeria. Both team could not score till 79 minutes. In 79 minutes Paul Pogba scores one and make France led with 1-0. And then after 9 minutes, France succeed to make double their scores by OG goal of Joseph Yobo. Then they lead Nigeria by 2-0. In 90 minutes Joseph Yobo's OG goal gives one goal to the France and this match ends with difference of 2-0. Indeed both the team had played well but France becomes extra in last 15 minutes and they made this match in their fair. During this match their was only one yellow card given to the player of France named Blaise Matuidi. The final 11 minutes better performance taken to the France in quarterfinal. Actually France was the first runner up of 2006 world cup, they had to defeat with Italy in final in 2006. But in this match the Frances team has been more united till now. By the way we should salute the Nigerian Goal Keeper Enyeama. He saved outstanding strikes and made all those strikes unsuccessful till 80 minutes. Nigeria was not easy team to France because it is the African Champion. So this was tough game to France. During the match Benzema had had 13 shots on target but any one could not be a goal. 

In the second match, Germany beats Algeria by 2-1. The match had gone into extra 30 minutes. Because both the teams could not score till 90 minutes but in 92 minutes the Germany Striker Andre Schuerrle leads Germany by 1 goal and Oezil makes double to their score in 119. This time Germany leads by 2-0 but after 2 minutes Algerian players Djabou scores one goal and the match ends by 2-1. This match had been very interesting. During the match one yellow is given to Germany player Philipp Lahm and Algerian player Rafik Halliche. By the way this match was really a fright moment for Germany's players and supporter because they have thought that Germany easily defeats the Algeria but this is the game and in game any conditions can be change in a second. After all, Germany edge Algeria to set up quarterfinal.

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