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How to add Latest Facebook Comment Box in Blogger

Facebook has provided many plugins for websites and blogs. Recently the developers of Facebook have released the plugins “Facebook Comment Box”. This is awesome plugin of the Facebook. Using this Facebook comment box your blogger and websites user or viewers can comment on your posts and those comments will be automatically shared in their Facebook Comment Wall.

Facebook comment box makes your visitors catch you easily, so this can be very important for those people who want directly interact with the admin and other visitors. I know there are various people who want to know the Facebook comment box on their blogger blog, Wordpress blog and many other site. So this tutorial can be the best solution for them. So now we will suggest you how to add simple comment box of Facebook in the blogger blog. You should that everything have its merits and demerits. Likewise, this Facebook comment box also its some advantages and some disadvantages.

First of all, here we are discuss about the advantages of the Facebook comment box.
We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media of the world. They always introduce new features to serve the people and to catch the visitors more on the Facebook. So Facebook comment box is one of their popular feature.
when some people like and reply to their comment. notification is appeared to the user. And it also provides multiple commenting features.

The main disadvantage of Facebook comment box in blogger is that Google spider never crawl Facebook comment, so these comment can not be useful in the view of optimization.

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You just find here two methods to put this comment box in your blogger blog. Both are very useful but in some of older blog's templates Method 1 might not work. So I recommend you to use the methods which works in your blog.
This are one of the most using techniques to making more visitors on your blogs and sites.

New app id

It is the beginning thing that you should do which you can do easily by Facebook developer. First of all you should login into your Facebook then click on Facebook developers. After that click on Create New App
and their appears a pop of form. Fill that form. Then fill that Captcha. Then copy the app id into your notepad, this is needed in further steps.
facebook apps

Step 2: Now lets install the Facebook comment in blogger blog

It is necessary to login into your Facebook dashboard. Then go to template tab and click on edit html. After that find the following code.
<html......> This code is in the first row of every blogger, so you can find it easily.

Then, just paste the following xmlns:og='' code just after the highlighted code which is shown in above. When you add this code the html structure is look like
<html xmlns:og='' ...... xmlns:expr=''>
Now find the <body> tag and paste the given code just after that <body>

<div id='fb-root'/> 
    window.fbAsyncInit = function() { 
      appId  : &#39;AppId&#39;, 
      status : true, // check login status 
        cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the   session 
      xfbml  : true  // parse XFBML 
    (function() { 
    var e = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); 
      e.src = document.location.protocol +   &#39;//;; 
    e.async = true; 

The one thing is that you just replace or add your AppId below AppId.  You put your blog name in All Blog Solution  and your facebook page url in
Now there is needed to add meta tags. Just find the </head> and paste the following code replacing your app id
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' property='og:title'/> 
<meta expr:content='data:blog.url' property='og:url'/> 
<meta content='AppId ' property='fb:app_id'/> 
<meta content='rakepoint' property='og:site_name'/> 
<meta content='' property='fb:admins'/> 
<meta content='article' property='og:type'/>
Step 3: Comment box in blogger blog.

At last you should put comment box structure in the blog.
Go and just find this code <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> and paste the following code just below the above code or anywhere you want to show the Facebook comment box.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
  <div style='padding:2px 3px 2px 3px; margin:2px 3px 2px 3px;'><script src=''/>
      <fb:comments  colorscheme='light' expr:href='data:post.url' expr:title='data:post.title' expr:xid='' width='100%'/>
<div style="position:fixed; bottom:0px; left:0px; color:#898989; font-size:12px;"><a href="">Get Widget</a></div> 

Now you have successfully add your Facebook comment box.

Note: Replace rakepoint by your facebook url. If you want to change the width of comment, simply change the width. Thanks you did.

Watch and follow the below video

How to Add Search Engine Friendly Post Title

Google SEO
Indeed content is the king in search engine. And then we can say title is the queen. almost more than 70% visitors come from search engine which depends on post title. I think blogger should mostly make attention towards the post title. If they do it, then there need not any other optimization. There should be a particular reason to give your blog high rank by Google. If your content quality is best, then it can be a reason or if you get most visitor by referral or any other techniques. So you have to think about increasing the rank of your blog and getting more traffic by only optimizing your blog post title. Now lets see some tips and tricks that help all all the time to optimize your blog.

What is SEO Friendly Post Title?-

Post title is a topic that a blogger is going to write some useful information staying around it.
Title is content itself. The information or content without title can not catch visitors eyes on your posts. So it is fact that you should give a title of your content and the title should be appropriate and optimized.
Title should be appropriate to your content which should be short and sweet also. Here is three key things that a blogger should remember while he is writing an article about any topics.
  1. Keyword tool should be used to analyze keywords.
  2. Length of title should be maximum 66 characters.
  3. Word should be clear, concise and attracive
Google keyword analysis tool:-
google keyword analysis tool
Do not write any article randomly which can not be search engine friendly. So to know what to write, use the Google keywords analysis tools.
keyword planner toolGoogle Keyword Tool
To find out the which word is mostly searched globally in this time, use Google keyword planner Tools. There you can find the high ranked keywords. This service provides by GOOGLE adword campaign. See these pictures where you can see how to use the google keyword planner.

Title length should be less than 70 characters:-

Use title which only has 70 characters maximum. Use one keyword in title as possible. If you use more than one keywords in your title, then there might be confusion on what your post is about and search engine shows the title by chopping.

Make clear, concise and attractive title:-

Mostly searching keywords are attractive, so it can be attractive title. If your title is that keyword which is mostly searched, ROBOTS love that title. ROBOTS mostly love clear and concise titles.

You will understand clearly by the following examples:-

Example 1:
"Learn About How to Automatically Post Your Blog Post in Facebook ?"
 Example 2:
"How to Automatically Post Blog Posts in Facebook"

In above, the first example looks some clumsy and unfriendly to the users. There you also can find the unnecessary phrase in beginning. But second example is good and which consist 59 characters only and it seems very good to search engine optimization.

In summary, just follow these points to make your optimized post title:-

  1. Use Google keyword planner tool.
  2. Check you spell correctly or not.
  3. Make title clear, concise, short and sweet.
  4. Length of title should be less than 70 characters.
  5. Start your post title with phrase like 'How to', 'Free', 'Top 10' etc.

How to Put Meta Keywords in Each Blogger Post

Meta tags or keywords are very significant SEO terms. To find your site’s rank better in search engine, you have to add meta tags or keywords in every page of the website. But when you want to put keywords in every blogger posts, you can’t because there is only meta description place in blogger. There you cannot find keywords adding space. So if you want to add meta tags or keywords also, you have to add some codes on your template. Meta tags are also as important as meta description. Meta tags help you to increase healthy and better traffic.

Note: Meta Keyword rule is deprecated in many search engines.

Process of adding meta tags in each blogger post:-

Suggestion: We always recommend you not to change any code of your template with keeping back up of your template.

Step 1. Log in into your blogger.
Step 2. Choose your one blog.
Step 3. Go to template>>edit html.
Step 4. And find the code <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
Step 5. Then paste the below codes below the above code.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "PAGE-URL"'>
<meta content='PAGE-DESCRIPTION' name='description'/>
<meta content='PAGE-KEYWORDS' name='keywords'/>
Step 6. Now you have to paste the above code every times when you posts.

Note: If you have 20 posts, you should copy and paste the above code 20 times too.

Step 7. Click on Save template button.

1. write the url of your post in PAGE-URL.
2. Write meta description in PAGE-DESCRIPTION.
3. Write meta keyword in PAGE-KEYWORD.

Watch and follow the process of given video.

Meta Description in a Blogger Blog

Many bloggers do not know how to add meta description in the blogger blog but it is not the aspect that you should worry. Because blogger has already made a search description box to add meta description into your blogger blog. But it is disabled in default by the blogger. You should just enable it and put description on your all the posts. Lets just see the below process to enable the blogger meta description and put the description each post.
Meta Description not shown
Before Enable Meta Description

How to Put Search Description in Blogger Blog?

How to enable meta description on blogger

Step 01: Go into your blogger account and select one of your blogger in which you should want to put meta description.
Step 02: Now click on Setting >> Search Preference. Then click on edit link of meta tags. and then choose Enable search engine description? 'yes'. 
Step 03: Save it. 

Now you will be able to put search description in your each posts.
Enabled meta description in blogger


Whole World Searching About The World Cup 2014 in Brasil

As we hear the word world cup, the whole world thinks this is FIFA World Cup. Yeah this is exactly there are most popular tournament is only FIFA World Cup. The world has launched for 13 june 2014. When the world cup started with the opening match of Brasil and Croatia, the world started search about world cup every where in the internet world. Many websites and blogs has been increasing their content specially focused with the news and updates of World Cup.

FIFA World Cup in Brasil

Now in Google, the most searched word has been the world cup in Brasil. As we know the world cup is most globally connected sport ceremony of the world. So it has been most searched things in the Google search engine. We already know that the world cup will be held till 30 days, so in these 30 days of this year most of the time people are going to watch and read only about soccer or world cup football.  Many bloggers are now trying to connect with their users and they are getting more traffic into their blogs and sites.

Google Search World Cup 2014

In these 30 day period, probably people are going to focus their time to find out their most favorite players, country, and also coach too. You can get the most recent information what is happening in the search engine, just go to and find out key things that you should include while writing about the world cup into your blog. And get more visitors in your blog and make more money in Adsense.

Have a great time and don't forget to support your favorite team during the world Cup tournament.
What do you think which country will win the FIFA World Cup 2014?

What are Meta Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Meta Title

Some of our visitors friend asked me about the difference among keywords, descriptions and tags.Some of the people do not know the exact meaning and difference of meta descriptions/descriptions, keywords/meta descriptins and tags.

Meta Description Title Keywords and Tags

What are Keywords or Meta Keywords

Let to me to clear about one thing that you should know the meta keywords or keywords are not used by the Google and Bing to determine the rank of sites an blog but some search engines still use it on its algorithm. So it is not necessary to think about meta keywords. Keywords are not visible in the site.
Meta keywords are same like the meta tags. Meta keywords should be like the meta tags which should seperate by the comma.

What are Tags of a Blog

In blog tags are called as labels and in wordpress it is called as categories which is separated by the commas. It describes a specific post as specific category. In wordpress and blog, they are often place at aside. Tags should place more than 3 in an post or article.

What are Description or Meta Description of a Web Page

Meta descriptions are more important than those two keywords and tags. Google algorith mostly follow the desciption to provide rank for websites and webpages. You should know that meta description should not be more than 150 word. It should be less than 150 words and not less than 100 words. Here you can place the possible keywords of your posts.

What is Meta Title

Meta title is title of each post of the blogs and sites. Title seems more significant for the better result of your posts in the search engine. Indeed title shows the attraction your blog. You should pick a solid topic or title and then publish your post.

Hope you all get some information about these important parts of SEO.
Thank you all.

How to Increase Visitors On your New Blog or Site

Many newer bloggers quit their blogging in blog because of just the reason of the low traffic in their site. Moreover that the old bloggers also do not find the traffic as they want. They do not get more visitors because they do not follow these simple tips. There is various ways that you should mention for increasing more traffic. The main recommendation for the increasing visitors is the using of facebook and twitter. Now here I am going to tell some tips for increasing genuine traffic on your site. This tips are for getting traffic to a new blog.
search engine optimization

1)  Link sharing in Facebook and Twitter:- 
Facebook is the most famous networking site that helps to doing internet market. Facebook has many functions and features. Joining in groups, making pages, creating pages and posting in their can be most benifit for your sites and blog.
Twitter is second most famous social media that also helps to increasing the visitors on your site. You can follow top bloggers and also follow their followers. Now once you did this, then you can tweet your articles.

2)  Comment in top blogs:- 
Commenting in other blog but do not make spam comment, it means do not spam their blogs by writing just single line comment.

3)  Write genuine and detailed articles:-
Content is great for the search engine optimization. You should write genuine content creating normally six hundred words.
For creating good content, spend more time. This is so important for all blogger to grab the attention of your visitors.

4)  Do SEO:-
Many people do not know about search engine optimization (SEO). But SEO is very important for good site and blog. You should just focus about the keywords, description, meta description etc.

Here I told some tips for increasing visitors to your site and also blog but do not think these are enough for your site there are some other offpage SEO techniques that you should consider properly.

Thank you all. 

How to Make Dofollow Comment Blog

dofollow comment blog pic
Do you want to make your blog dofollow comment blog? This question also arise when you want more visitors and more comments on your blog because most of the people want to comment on those blogs which are dofollow. Dofollow blog is that blog which induce backlinks for other. I will say next time about what backlink is. So the most bloggers and users want to comment on those blog and make backlink.

By the way, blogger blog is nofollow blog in default. Nofollow is not important for SEO. When you make your blog dofollow, you might get lots of comment as well as spam comments. So you should able to face with spamming because webmasters search dofollow blogs and treat them for backlinks. However, you get also lot of original comment if your blog is unique and good. In order to make your blog dofollow comment blog, just follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Lets enter into the blogger dashboard.
Step 2: And then just click on template and edit html.
Step 3. Now let just find the given code. Press CTRL and F then find this code
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
Step 4: Just replace the code nofollow by dofollow otherwise just delete the above code.
Step 5: Now click on Save Template.

Tricks of Making Your Facebook Page Higher Rank in Both Google and Facebook Search

Facebook or most of the social media has become a part of SEO. This field roles highest link building and increasing the visitors rapidly. So the facebook page has been part of increasing the visitors. There is some basic tricks of making the Facebook page higher rank in Google and other search engines. So they are:-

1. Produce a Facebook page username

If you haven’t done this already, certify you produce a username for your page. you'll try this by about to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the highest. within the ‘Basic information‘ section, produce yourself a Username.
This Username should be distinctive and make a case for World Health Organization you're. for instance, your name.
I have detected that the page username is additional probably to point out among the search engines than the title of your page, thus select the username carefully!

2. Put off country and age restrictions

Another common reason for not showing within the search engines is as a result of you've got set a rustic, or age restriction. you'll check this by about to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the highest. In ‘Manage permissions‘ certify that ‘Country restrictions‘ is left empty, and ‘Age restrictions‘ is ‘Anyone (13+)‘.
While you're on this page, counter check that the tick box next to ‘Page visibility‘ isn't ticked.

3. Certify Google will realize your page

For Google to index your page, it has to recognize you exist. simply by being on Facebook, doesn’t mean that it'll realize you.
The fastest thanks to try this is to form links to your Facebook page.
 This can be done by:
  • Adding links from your web site
  • Commenting on well-liked blogs victimization the link to your Facebook page within the URL field
  • Creating journal posts that link to your Facebook page

Be aware that linking from alternative social media sites (e.g. YouTube) won’t work as they're usually ‘nofollow’ links. this suggests that the web site can stop Google’s bots from following the link to your page, thus it won’t realize it to index it.

Google will take it slow to index a page, thus you've got to twiddling my thumbs. to assist it on the method, continue adding additional links to your Facebook page from completely different sources.

  • Getting into Facebook search

To see if your page is showing in Facebook search, you've got to raise somebody World Health Organization hasn’t likable your page, to go looking for it. this is often slightly inconvenient, however if you’re not showing, you ought to understand it!

Lots of folks have issues entering into Facebook search, Steps one and a pair of ought to be some facilitate, but if your still having hassle take a glance at this post dedicated to entering into Facebook search.

Also the Facebook search is additionally integrated with the Bing program, thus certify you follow the higher than steps to urge your Facebook page into Google as this can additionally ring true with Bing’s program

  • Optimizing your page

Now that your page is showing in each Google and Facebook search, we are going to specialize in obtaining your page to the top!

4. Enter data into your ‘About’ page

You can get to your regarding page by clicking the ‘About‘ link below your timeline image.
All of the text on this page gets employed by search engines to see World Health Organization you're, and what you are doing. Not solely that, it’s an excellent place to inform your fans this data too.
Click the ‘Edit‘ button after you hover over the regarding section. this can take you back to your admin screen.
Before you begin redaction the small print here, write down of some keywords that are relevant to your business. These ar words or short phrases that folks may kind into an exploration engine once searching for you.
Start along with your ‘Description‘ – this could have all the knowledge regarding you. Summarize it within the 1st paragraph, then get in detail for the remainder. Once you've got completed this section, browse back through it and certify you've got side your keywords.

Next add your ‘About‘ section – think about this as your tagline. It ought to begin with a link to your web site (if you've got one) and so be a sentence stating World Health Organization you're. Again, embody your main keyword here.

Finally, continue getting into details for the opposite sections to create your page as complete as attainable.

  • Increasing the quantity of likes
  • Increasing the quantity of likes your Facebook page has can offer your page additional authority among Facebook and its program.

As your page grows, Facebook can place your listing on top of alternative pages with lower ‘like’ counts because it sees you because the most relevant and authoritative page.

5. Use Facebook plugins

One good way to extend the quantity of likes you receive is to feature the Facebook like box to your web site. I even have seen lots of success from corporations that use sort box as folks don’t got to leave your web site to come back and like your page!
They can just like the page while browsing your web site. 
This makes it easier for them to click the button and thus, additional probably that they will!

6. Promote your page

Another way of accelerating your likes is to market your Facebook page. this suggests posting regarding it on alternative social networks, golf stroke links in your email footers and posting regarding it on your web site.
For additional ideas take a glance at this post on growing your Facebook likes.

Increasing engagement
The final factor you want to do to assist your rankings within the search engines, is to form engagement.

It’s nice if you've got a page with many likes, however if they aren’t interacting with you, then your page won’t show abundant authority, or have an honest EdgeRank score.

7. Encourage engagement

To increase the interactivity on your page, you wish to encourage your followers. rather than promoting material regarding your business, raise queries – although they aren’t relevant – and post things that they'd wish to share with their friends.

For additional ideas on what to post, take a glance at these tips.

8. Reply to everybody

When you reply to messages on your Facebook page, you show them that they were detected. It additionally provides you with a chance to make your relationship therewith person.
Once somebody starts to act along with your page, they become additional probably to act along with your page within the future. thus you would like to encourage them to stay commenting by continued the speech communication, and not ignoring your fans.

These are the some basic tips for making your page search engine friendly. So applying these techniques, make your page higher ranked and get more traffics and likes.

Thank you Everyone. Don't forget to comment......

Create Sitemap for Blogspot-Blogspot Sitemap XML

Creating sitemap in Blogger - Blogger XML sitemap is nothing however an inventory of accessible pages in your web site. Sitemaps helps search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to simply crawl pages in your web site that helps in higher index. As a blogger you need to produce a sitemap therefore whenever you create a brand new post search engines will crawl and index them simply. During this post let’s see a way to produce sitemap for Blogger diary and submitting it to Google webmaster tools and in robots.txt.

By default your blogger blog can have Site map, however the problem with sitemap is it solely shows your recent diary or blog posts. An ideal web sitemap is that it ought to contain the list of all you pages in order that search engines understand the entire structure of your site. Let’s see a way to produce sitemap for Blogger diary.

How to produce sitemap for Blogger

Creating sitemap is incredibly straightforward and this sitemap works for each self-hosted Blogger blogs and traditional Blogger blogs.

See example how to create this;start-index=1&amp;max-results=500
Now you have got created sitemap for your Blogger diary, however you would like to inform search engines regarding your web sitemap in order that bots will understand your site structure. There square measure 2 ways in which to inform search engines regarding your sitemap.
Showing your sitemap in robots.txt file and a pair of. Submitting your sitemaps in Google webmaster tools

Adding your Blogger sitemap in robots.txt file

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Log in to your blogger diary and head to dashboard and click on settings & then in search preferences and edit the custom robots.txt. Modify and paste the subsequent text and click on save changes. Ensure to vary your diary name in Blogger sitemap below.
You have done, enjoy it.

Social Media can have an effect on SEO in 2014

Social Medias
 Through additional formula updates, Google, Bing and different major search engines ar dynamical the ranking factors and SEO in 2014. Within the previous years, SEO was very easy to try and do because it is straightforward to mention.

Unbeatable link building and spamming were the simplest ways in which to urge ranking in no time. As presently because the search engines acknowledge the strategy, they began to fight against them. Let’s browse the history of Google’s formula updates.

In Dec 2000, they extended their terribly initial update. i believe that wasn't their triple-crown year. They maintained the changes to fight the spam, however they weren’t able to accomplish glowing success until 2010. However from 2011 to currently, it's well-tried that their ways became victorious. Google has all trended their ranking factors.
Some folks thought-about these because the death of SEO. However this can be precisely not. as a result of the new SEO relies on name, content, quality and naturality. Google has deeply targeted on name of web sites in greenhorn factors of seo in 2014. They began to analyze social signals from some years ago. However this one goes to be the foremost effective part in 2014.

The stunning Truth - however Social Media can have an effect on SEO in 2014

Is It Confirmed That Social Signal is one amongst The Ranking Factors?

In Dec 2010, Google and Bing had started the social graph search feature to research the name of links.

 It absolutely was initial declared by Danny Sullivan on a post from computer program Land:
Both Google and Bing have added several social search options over the past year. There’s additionally been remark victimization “social signals” to assist rank regular search results.

So, it's confirmed and that we will follow Danny Sullivan’s suggestion with none doubt. It's time to create engagement in social media for growing social name.

How Social Signals have an effect on program Ranking?

The major search engines have begun to judge social engagement to check the name of links. Currently SEO is thus scaled that quality and name all spherical attain the success. Social media are the place wherever folks move with every other. So, at intervals this place, it's potential to induce the recommendations and engagements of social folks.

Higher variety of Social Links Improve the net Presence: In initial of all, links from social sites build whole awareness and increase the visibility of internet sites. Through this strategy, it's potential to be found terribly quickly. For SEO in 2014, Google is that specialize in whole awareness not solely on links and keywords. Links shared by many of us instantly got exaggerated visibility from the social activists. thus there ar a lot of probabilities to induce higher ranking on search engines.
It reveals the folks Recommendations: Social sites ar the simplest resource to be told concerning the people’s recommendations. Google and Bing very rely upon what folks are going to be pleasant. they struggle to serve what the folks are specifically searching for. As all the peoples alternative couldn’t get it wrong, they have faith in the suggested things. Social media offer the opportunities to vote for the recommendations through sharing, commenting, feeling then on. So, the search engines take the advantage to mix the social signals into their ranking signals.

Though Social Link is NoFollow, Its worth is sort of Like DoFollow:

 chiefly social sites offer nofollow attributes for outward links however the search engines valued these as dofollow. Some folks may argue concerning the nofollow link worth. however all the search engines look social links from totally different aspects. Even, Google’s webspam head Matt Cutts aforesaid through its own words that links from social shares ar safe and valuable to the search engines.
Social Media Do the toughest Work ‘Branding’: currently within the new era of SEO, it chiefly depends on whole authority. stigmatization is that the approach of constructing whole authority within the on-line presence. So, it's one in all the toughest works, however social sites have created it very easy. while not these open platforms, it'd be very troublesome to make whole awareness. So, we tend to ar appreciative to them.

What are the ways in which to create a lot of Social Signals through Engagement?

The only thanks to get a lot of social signal and improve your SEO in 2014 is whole promotion. So, here are the most criteria for building natural presence from social media platforms:

Create Own whole Page: 

Most of the social media offer opportunities to make own whole and promote as per own want. It's the thanks to establish your whole through the whole page. Through that page, it'll be straightforward to share updates, news and views simply. So, the users may frequently follow up the whole and take part the required events. it'll facilitate one lots for making whole awareness.

Connect With The Influencers: 

Second step is connecting with the social folks. To form it happen, one needs to frequently share his whole updates. So, the social activists may get pleasure from the updates. Making an attempt to induce a lot of likes, shares, followers ar the best ways in which of social engagement. The social activities from public pages ar a lot of desirable therefore the search engines may get a correct quality report.
Make Your web site Contents straightforward to Share Socially:
 Whenever a traveler involves your web site and severally sort of a content or resource, he would in all probability prefer to share it with all of his friends. which are going to be solely potential if you create the share straightforward. So, embody share buttons on your websites in order that the guests may click once and share.

Which Platforms ought to Be Used For higher Social Signals?

There ar excessive numbers of social platforms for users, however one could raise what ar preferable? Well the precise answer are going to be the sites leading with page rank and authority. because it is additionally used as a supply of instant targeted traffic, we must always seek the sites with a lot of social engagement of individuals.

So, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn then on sites like these ought to be used as I do. These sites have the very best variety of social activities. So, these would be your alternative if you actually need the stigmatization half to induce a lot of social signals for ranking. victimisation these sites actively would assist you in SEO in 2014.

How to very Get a lot of Followers FREE on Social Media

The Biggest benefits of Being Connected With Google+ For Ranking:

Some years past the foremost avoided platform was Google+. nobody measured this seriously as a result, several of the SEO specialists thought-about this as trashy. Google+ goes to vary SEO in 2014. thus ensure to use it from currently.

But currently the thoughts ar completed modified. In fact, in my judgment it's the very best worth instead of any social platform. Here ar the highest reasons why everybody ought to get seriously into Google+:

Google+ Posts ar Indexed terribly Quickly By Crawlers: 

Google+ has turned the choice to point out search results from Google+. So, whenever a post is revealed in Google+, it'll be shown within the search results as before long as potential. Then the links are going to be conjointly rewarded by passing link equity. during a Moz post by Cyrus Shepard, he explained that Google and posts pass link equity. So, that may be useful for all.

Google+ Shows Verified Authorship Markup in Search Results:

Google+ shows authorship markup in search results to make sure associate degree author is trusty or not. There ar tons a lot of benefits of Google+ authorship markup and this it helps in ranking.

Final Thoughts concerning Social Media and SEO in 2014:

Previously, social bookmarking, forum posting and different easy ways were enough for ranking however currently these aren't. So, in my SEO strategy I actually have enclosed the social engagement half.