Quarter-finalists Of Brazil World Cup

Finally 2014 World Cup has got its top 8 finalists. Playing better than their competitors, they reach in quarterfinal. The top 8 teams that has become qualified for quarterfinals:

  •      France      
  •    Germany    
  •     Brazil         
  •    Colombia    
  •    Argentina   
  •     Belgium     
  •  Netherlands 
  •    Costa Rica  

World Cup Quarter Finalists
Top 8 Country of Brazil World Cup

Actually France was in group E. In group E, There were also Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras too. France had won 2 matches and shared 1 point in one match in group stage matches. In the first match France had defeated to Honduras by 3-0. Then in second match they also beat switzerland by 5-2 but in in third third match they had played draw with Ecuador.

Germany is the winner of the group G. Germany had also won 2 matches and drew 1 match. It beat both Portugal and USA and played draw with Ghana. In its team Germany and USA had been qualified for top 16.

Brasil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon were in group a. And Brazil and Mexico had been qualified for top 16. Brazil had won both Croatia and Cameroon but share point with mexico.

Colombia, Greece ivory coast and japan were in group c. Colombia and Greece had been qualified from this group for top 16. Colombia had won all matches and it had been winner of the group c.

In group f team, there were Argentina, Nigeria Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran. Argentina was the winner of this group and Nigeria was second winner. Argentina won all 3 matches and it had got 9 points.

Belgium was in group h. Belgium has been playing nicely in this world cup. Belgium won all 3 matches and became group winner. And the first runner up of this group is Algeria.

And in this world cup Costa Rica has been most favorite team because it had beaten the winners of world cup. It has been showing outstanding performance.

Indeed Netherlands is thought as unlucky team of the world cup. Because they had been defeated 2 times reaching in finals. They are the first runner up of previous world cup 2010.

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